Welcome to the online community of Kingdom Life International Center.  The purpose of this community is to give you access to our new revolutionary service…the Kingdom Life Acceleration Success System™ (K.L.A.S.S.).

The Kingdom Life Acceleration Success System™ (K.L.A.S.S.) is designed to enhance your life in every area. Typically most churches, religious institutions and the like only focus on the spiritual rules and regulations, leaving you challenged in your everyday experience. However (K.L.A.S.S.) addresses every aspect of your life in a balanced and systematic fashion, leaving you feeling whole and supported in your spirit, soul, and body. Our system will prepare you to face everyday situations with faith, wisdom, and strategies for living your best life today.

We invite you to “Experience the Life” you were meant to live by employing time tested principles and practices into your everyday life.  Simply click on the (K.L.A.S.S. Overview) link to learn more about our revolutionary approach to living.

– Drs. Michael & Samantha Phillips, Senior Leaders

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